Israel and the Church, Part 2: Galatians


Theme Party for July 30 (’14), by Daniel Hoffman

And just like that, here’s Part 2. Last week I started a series about the relationship between Israel and the Church. It’s a question on which, broadly speaking, you can fall into one of two camps: Dispensationalism or Covenantalism. In general terms, dispensationalists believe that now and forever Israel and the Church maintain distinct identities and have eternally separate roles to play in the unfolding of God’s purposes. Covenantalists hold that Israel and the Church are different names given to the one people of God, the “covenant people”, of which the New Testament Church represents the more mature, fulfilled state. Moving past introduction, let’s look at that article I mentioned last week Michael Riccardi on Galatians 3.

The_Dementors_at_Hogwarts I’ll let you decide whether the Dispensationalists belong in Slytherin or Griffandor.

The issues which in good Dementor fashion hover about this question…

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