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The free time I have to peruse the interweb has been severely limited with the arrival of our beautiful baby girl Emma Grace.  Nevertheless I made efficient use of Emma’s nap time to dig up some insightful and edifying content that I want to pass along.  In the meantime I am working on a review of Ray Comfort’s latest video Evolution vs God, if you haven’t seen it you can find it here.  If you already watched Evolution vs God please be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts with me.  Onward.

  • The fourth installment of the ‘Ten Basic Facts about the New Testament Canon That Every Christian Should Memorize’ can be found here.  The post points out that the Apostle Peter viewed Paul’s writing as Scripture on par with the Old Testament Canon.  The post is definitely worth the 5 short minutes it will take you to digest its content.
  • Over at Credo House Ministries, C. Michael Patton writes regarding ‘Twelve Myths About Calvanism‘. I was especially delighted to see this as number 9:

“While Calvinists obviously respect John Calvin, they simply believe that he correctly understood and systematized some very important Apostolic teachings concerning election, man’s condition, and God’s sovereignty. However, much of this understanding did not originate with John Calvin, but can be seen in many throughout church history such as Aquinas, Anselm, and Augustine. Ultimately, Calvinists will argue, they follow rightly interpreted Scripture.”


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