I’m Here…

This is my first blog post…ever.  What am I doing here? Why write a blog? Why add to the army of  blogs already alive and thriving in cyberspace? There are millions of new blogs that publish to the web every day that cover every imaginable idea and topic from the inane and boring to the interesting and practical.  There are blogs that cover politics, religion, sports, money, food, and blogs that even blog about blogging.  The daunting imagery of a needle in a haystack currently comes to mind as I peck away at my keyboard and yet I can’t wait to publish this so you, whoever you are, can read it.  What is ‘it’ going to be about though? What will this blog be about? Lets circle back to the first question I asked at the beginning of this post: what am I doing here?

The abbreviated answer is that I’ll comment on the ordinary and boring and provide you with my perspective, whatever that’s worth, on the interesting and intriguing, however those things won’t be my primary focus.  In actuality I’m here to blog about God.  The God of the bible. America’s perspective on church. Biblical doctrine.  I’m going to comment on the state of evangelicalism in America, where it is and where it’s headed.  I’m going to dive headlong in to theology, as best as I can, in an effort to understand the deeper things of God all while writing blogging about it.  These are the things I have a passion for and these are the topics I want to write blog about.  My microscopic corner of the blogosphere will be Christ centered and anchored in biblical truth.  To be clear: I’m not a seminary student and I haven’t been seminary trained. I’m just a middle-aged guy with a computer and a bible and an overwhelming desire to talk (write?) about Jesus Christ.  I’m resolved to stand firm and steadfast on the wonderful, foundational truths of the bible and to proclaim those truths to everyone and anyone who will listen.

What else can you expect? Well, American culture has propounded the idea that religion and politics should be avoided in the context of public discussion.  Since we’ll be talking about religion why not pencil in politics as well?  I find the American political landscape to be equally irritating and intriguing so to leave out such material from our discussion would be a travesty.  I won’t devote much time and space to it but American politics is important…plus I’m sure such topics will stimulate the comment count and I’ve been told that’s a good thing.

Fortunately I have an insatiable appetite for books and articles and I cherish the time I  get to devour them. Sharing with you and expounding on what I learned after feasting on and digesting countless words, sentences and paragraphs should make for easy filler material. I’m sure finding the right angle to approach certain topics will be a little more difficult but that’s what makes blogging fun…right? Other important and equally interesting subjects such as Christian apologetics (presuppostional or evidential?) and church history are fascinating so I’ll be sure to to devote ample space to these topics as well.

Speaking of church history, I’m going to make it a point to discuss and examine the protestant reformation.  I would be remiss if I neglected to discuss the theology of men like Martin Luther and John Calvin.  The contribution these men, and men like them, have made to the Christian faith cannot be overstated.  Furthermore it would be a shame to overlook the courage and contribution of men like William Tyndale and John Wycliff.   Their stories are certainly encouraging as much as they are enlightening and I’m positive the 21st century Christian can glean much from these men.  I’ll look forward to touch on each of these topics in due time.

So, where does that leave us? Well I guess the truth about this blog, at this time, is that it doesn’t have a specific direction.  At this time its a ship without a rudder.  I have to start somewhere and I have to start writing at sometime, what better time than now?  Resolved to Reason will be a welcomed outlet, a place to house my thoughts and observations on the things I have a passion for.  This blog will be the shelf where those thoughts and observations reside.  I hope this blog offers encouragement to the anonymous reader who stumbles upon it.  I hope it provokes thought in those who read it.  Ultimately my prayer is that the Lord outfits this blog with a rudder and providentially moves it in a direction that brings glory to God.   I look forward to writing, I hope you look forward to reading.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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5 Responses to I’m Here…

  1. frugoal says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging!

  2. JesusLecture says:

    Reblogged this on Jesus Lecture.

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    • mrjstenberg says:

      I read what you had to write and would love to dialogue with you regarding your view of Christianity. Is it your belief that we cannot know anything to be true? I’m looking forward to your reply.

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