Israel and the Church, Part 2: Galatians


Theme Party for July 30 (’14), by Daniel Hoffman

And just like that, here’s Part 2. Last week I started a series about the relationship between Israel and the Church. It’s a question on which, broadly speaking, you can fall into one of two camps: Dispensationalism or Covenantalism. In general terms, dispensationalists believe that now and forever Israel and the Church maintain distinct identities and have eternally separate roles to play in the unfolding of God’s purposes. Covenantalists hold that Israel and the Church are different names given to the one people of God, the “covenant people”, of which the New Testament Church represents the more mature, fulfilled state. Moving past introduction, let’s look at that article I mentioned last week Michael Riccardi on Galatians 3.

The_Dementors_at_Hogwarts I’ll let you decide whether the Dispensationalists belong in Slytherin or Griffandor.

The issues which in good Dementor fashion hover about this question…

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I’m Back and Other Good News

So I’ve been pretty terrible at updating this blog. Actually new content has been non-existent and I intend to remedy that quickly. I’m refining my goal and purpose here at Resolved to Reason. I want to narrow the focus of what topics I engage in here as I think that will allow me to publish more God glorifying content on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

Okay, enough about this blog…I told you I had some good news.

The good news: I’ve been asked to contribute to another blog too. The goal and aim of that blog is spelled out on the landing page so go check it out. You can find it at or just click here if your too lazy to copy and past the link. Please let us know what you think, leave a comment, tell your friends, spam your social networks. Thank you in advance for checking it out!

Soli Deo Gloria


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Required Viewing: Babies are Murdered Here

Forty one years ago today the American holocaust on the unborn began. The argument for the legalization of murder is frustrating, tired and worn out. Even more frustrating is the  professing Christian who identifies themselves as pro-choice. A pro-choice Christian is an oxymoron and they don’t exist! Okay I went overboard with the hyperbole but you get my point and that’s really what matters. On the anniversary of such a lamentable day in American history I invite you to watch this documentary. Babies are Murdered Here is grounded in the bible and theologically sound. I’m working on a full review of the documentary but until then…enjoy.

Soli Deo Gloria,


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If Only I Could be as Bold as Martin Luther…

I’ve been away from the blog…for too long. I intend to post something of substance shortly. In the meantime enjoy this message by Pastor Steven Lawson I profited from it and I am sure you will too.

Grace and Peace,


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What Happened to the Blog?

Our first child, Emma Grace, was born in August.  We packed up all our belongings and moved to a bigger apartment to accommodate our growing family shortly thereafter.  I haven’t posted anything of substance in quite a while because I’ve been learning the basics on how to be a father.  I’ve missed Resolved to Reason and I’m sure the blogosphere missed me immensely.

The point of this post is to assure you that I haven’t abandoned my miniscule presence on the inter-web.  There are a couple posts I’m working on and hope to publish those soon.  I’m going to make a more concerted effort to publish relevant content consistently but I want to avoid publishing content without any substance.

So, in the time that I’ve been away I picked up two books and have been blessed by each.  If you have the extra time I encourage you to pick up a copy of The Potter’s Freedom written by Dr. James White.  I understand The Potter’s Freedom has been out for quite some time but I’ve never read it.  If you haven’t read it than stop procrastinating and pick up a copy.  Dr. White defends the doctrines of grace with zeal and clarity.  The Potter’s Freedom is a response to Dr. Geisler’s book Chosen but Free, Dr. White does an excellent job of dismantling most Arminian arguments with sound exegesis of Scripture.

I also picked up A Puritan Theology so I can read along with Tim Challies and Joel Beeke who happens to be the co-author of the book.  Tim Challies is reading through the final eight chapters of A Puritan Theology and than discussing the chapter with Joel Beeke in a Q&A format every Thursday.  The book is big and it looks daunting however it’s well written and fairly easy to read.  I’ll be writing about both books in follow up posts at a later date.

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Quick Update

I’ve been away for longer than I would like but I have a completely legitimate excuse.  My wife and I, along with our newborn baby girl, are in the process of moving.  Between adjusting to life as new parents and moving all of our earthly possessions to another apartment there has been little time to jump online and punch away at my keyboard to produce something worthy of your time.  I’ll be back soon to continue on writing about those things that are of paramount importance.  In the mean time here is a link to my local church here in Melbourne, Florida.  If you’re ever in the area please join us in worshiping our Lord and Savior.  Until the next time…contra mundum!


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Around the Blogosphere

The free time I have to peruse the interweb has been severely limited with the arrival of our beautiful baby girl Emma Grace.  Nevertheless I made efficient use of Emma’s nap time to dig up some insightful and edifying content that I want to pass along.  In the meantime I am working on a review of Ray Comfort’s latest video Evolution vs God, if you haven’t seen it you can find it here.  If you already watched Evolution vs God please be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts with me.  Onward.

  • The fourth installment of the ‘Ten Basic Facts about the New Testament Canon That Every Christian Should Memorize’ can be found here.  The post points out that the Apostle Peter viewed Paul’s writing as Scripture on par with the Old Testament Canon.  The post is definitely worth the 5 short minutes it will take you to digest its content.
  • Over at Credo House Ministries, C. Michael Patton writes regarding ‘Twelve Myths About Calvanism‘. I was especially delighted to see this as number 9:

“While Calvinists obviously respect John Calvin, they simply believe that he correctly understood and systematized some very important Apostolic teachings concerning election, man’s condition, and God’s sovereignty. However, much of this understanding did not originate with John Calvin, but can be seen in many throughout church history such as Aquinas, Anselm, and Augustine. Ultimately, Calvinists will argue, they follow rightly interpreted Scripture.”

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